A reflective essay structuring

A reflective essay should describe a realization. The basic idea is the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom in the course of time looking back from the present. Beginning of the essay with the event or situation that leads to deeper understanding of knowledge or that you want to show you.

A natural time-structure of the essay is to start with an introduction to the present; Follow that described with the description of the last event in the past tense, and in the end with a reflective conclusion in the present. Readers will not only analyse the substance of the event that you describe, but as you describe, so consider the tone of your essay. We make very different decisions about what people say, according to their tone of voice, and the same goes for writing about choice of words and the way of description.

Development – Develop the essay

Develop the essay by adding detail and interesting conflicts that occur along the way, but not stray far and keep an eye on the end of the essay. Such elements would not only diversified your essay, but would definitely add a unique touch. Be sure to include signal events that you can use later in your reflective statements. If you want to include thoughts at the time, do it, but leave the detailed explanations later.

Completion – your reflections on what has occurred

Once you tell the story or event, and the facts are on the table, close the essay with your reflections on what has occurred. As pointed in every essay help site not only state the differences between what you are thinking and what you thought at the time, her meat with details on why your opinion has changed. If you can describe what you are doing, you gave insight; you can also view other qualities of your character, such as curiosity or self-knowledge.

The completion of the essay is one of the most important parts. Whatever was your essential part, people will remember much better your conclusions, to which have led your thoughts. Therefore, in no way neglect this part of the structure of the essay.